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from our clients

Paracon had filled a gap in following up the contractual requirements and details running inside a project with BIM setup. In OGTP they were very useful in modifying the role of the BIM coordinators, negotiating with the consultant the topics that were running out of scope, detecting the needs of the construction team and controls, improving the BIM coordination process, organizing the communication channels in between BIM team at site, BIM centers, RASO team and project management and he was even able to support the S/C team in a way that would reduce the technical issues they have and effecting the whole process.

Highly competent and experienced. They were able to ask the right questions and to drive the entire project into the right direction. They used analytical method of working helped us to build up the project and to find inconsistencies in the structure. As well could provide valued feedback to quickly find solutions. It was a pleasure to work with. I hope we will work together soon. I would definitely recommend.


They implied the old say " think out of the Box " with continuous innovation producing practical solutions to all of our BIM related issues . They were able to increase the Pre-fabrication process dramatically.





It was a pleasure to work with. Their quickness in replying and constant communication made it very easy to consistently move the project forward and in the right direction. The cherry-on-top was getting small little features we didn't ask for, but definitely appreciated having, simply because they felt a completed solutions needed those elements. This was a SQL project nestled within an Excel file, and the next time anything even remotely close to that comes up again, Paracon is going to jump top of mind for us to use.

They were incredibly professional and timely with this project. They were able to complete perfectly how I imagined it. This project was given with unclear instructions and was difficult to follow, but they completed it still quickly and great.




Highly recommend Paracon! Was truly a refreshing experience, they couldn't have been more helpful, or faster. Its so important that non techies (like me) can explain a job and the techie gets it fast and doesn't make the experience hard. I wasn't expecting it to be so easy, or so well finished. Extra features were added above my expectations. l'll have more work for sure and will recommend them to friends.