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Paracon Emailist v2.0

Paracon Emailist v2.0

Paracon Emailist v2.0

Send Personalized Emails From Excel
Works on windows operated desktops / laptops with Microsoft Outlook & Excel installed.
Emailist is the simplest solution for personalizing your emails with no much hassle.
Designed to work with any excel list that you have no matter how it is formatted.
No installation required. Download and run the application as a normal Excel file.  
  1. Works With Any Number of Excel Sheets.
  2. Select Between Outlook Mailboxes to Send From.
  3. Select Any Signature Format to Insert in the Emails.
  4. Use Filters to Specify Contacts to be Emailed.
  5. Supports Email Body Font Formatting.
  6. Add Multiple Attachments.
  7. Send Emails Directly or Save to the Drafts Folder for Review.
  8. Option to Send All Emails That are in Outlook Drafts Folder.
  9. Specify a Waiting Time in Seconds Between Sending Emails. 
  10. Detailed User Guide With Pictures.
  11. Technical Support.
  12. Free Updates.


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