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BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting

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BIM Consulting


Paracon Consultants has a Professional experience with the most prestigious Canadian & Overseas companies in the Construction & Building business. 

"It is not about the pieces but how they work together!"

What sets us apart from others? We were in the construction and building industry and can provide effective and practical approaches for this industry. We don't provide solutions that looks great on paper and fail in the job site. We implement solutions that work.

Our experience is combined with outstanding IT skills that utilize, integrate, and automates BIM/VDC solutions to be used as a hub for other activities (Project management, Project controls, Planning & scheduling, Lean, Design coordination, Quantity surveying, BOM/BOQ development, Progress tracking, schedule simulation and mechanical fabrication).

 - Gap Analysis. Analyze scope of work, Existing processes, and requirements.

- Provide a professional advice to decide on the best BIM solutions to meet both the immediate and strategic goals.

- Help in designing their BIM organization, interviewing, and selecting BIM resources for different roles.

- Develop BIM Implementation Plans (Corporate and Project level).

- Design BIM internal and external workflows.

- Establish BIM Standards & Procedures.

- Implement BIM Quality control system.

- Integration between BIM and other departments and creating the Electronic Data Interchange Document (EDI).

- Develop BIM custom tools to elevate work efficiency.

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